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New at Authpad 9 years ago

Confessions of the Professions is surfing the web, looking for easy-to-use blogging alternatives that may not require sign up or make the sign up process very simple.

We wrote an article called "The Art of Not Blogging" in which we want feel that, while there are many people out there who love to be known for their blogs, blogging, and websites, there are plenty of other people looking to remain anonymous, looking for simplicity, looking for something different and unique, and we feel that Authpad is one of those places.

From our findings of the blogging platform:

  • comes with unique design
  • minimal distraction
  • custom url
  • preview post
  • basic tinymce editor
  • draft or publish blog posts
  • unpublish
  • turn blog post into a page or revert it back to a post
  • ability to turn disqus commenting system on or off
  • tags for seo and discovery
  • update published posts or pages
  • change theme to: minimalist, blank, auctopress, settle, or elegant
  • follow other authpad blogs
  • view recent, drafts, pages, oldest, or all posts from the dash
  • display full posts or shortened posts on blog

We certainly support this website and although it looks like it is still in beta, this website has a lot of potential. We hope to see it further progress. If you want to sign up for a simple blog without the hassle of choosing themes, plugins, addons, etc., we highly recommend authpad.